Family Code 4320(a): Sufficiency of Earning Capacities to Maintain The Marital Standard of Living

In ordering permanent spousal support, the family court must consider the extent to which each party’s earning capacity can maintain the standard of living established during marriage. Accordingly, the court must consider the following factors in its spousal support decision: (See Family Code 4320(a))

  • The recipient’s marketable skills
  • The job market for those skills
  • The time and expenses required for the recipient to gain the appropriate education or training to cultivate marketable skills
  • The need for retraining or education to gain more marketable skills or employment
  • The extent to which the recipient’s present or future earning capacity is impaired by periods of unemployment during the marriage to permit the recipient to devote time to domestic duties.

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Can I Get Child Support if the Divorce is My Fault?

Although child support services in California can help enforce a child support order, they cannot provide legal advice. Furthermore, they rarely have a confidential relationship with a party. Also, unlike attorneys, California child support agencies are neutral third parties. Their goal is to create a record of all child support payments and provide assistance with understanding the child support system. Learn more by visiting the page on

How Long Do I Have to Wait to be Divorced in California?

Sometimes we get a call from an individual asking for a “same-day” divorce.  Better yet, we get a call back from a prospective client saying they’ve found another attorney who can give them a one-day divorce.  Putting this deceptive marketing tactic from unscrupulous attorneys aside, a divorce cannot be finalized in one day.  Despite what these callers are led to believe, there is no one-day divorce that results in your marriage terminating tomorrow.  Rather, a divorce may be filed and the other spouse served, but in California, there is a six month waiting period required by statute before any divorce can be finalized. …Read more


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Everyday Trauma? Induced Psychological Splitting in Children of Divorce and Separation — Karen Woodall

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After Divorce, Did You Sell Your Wedding Rings? — Authentically 50 ~ Embracing Life’s Changes